HIV/AIDS Awareness and Mitigation Development (HAM)

Environment Management and Sustainability (EMS)

Agriculture, Food production and Productivity Enhancement Programme (AFPE)

Water, Sanitation and hygiene (WASH)

Livelihood and Community Empowerment (LCE)

Education and Vocational Skills Development (EVS)


To promote value education in the working areas.

To promote sustainable livelihoods with community participation.

To develop sustainable resource management in the areas.

To promote self – help groups for the grass root empowerment.To create awareness on HIV/AIDs and other chronic diseases for the healthy    society.To develop network among the stake holders.

Our Interventions:

Human rights protection (children & women).

Formation and training of child protection committees, community dialogue meetings, and support to community led initiatives on child protection, translation of key legal and policy documents into local languages, data collection on violation of children’s rights and supporting  formal education for Orphans and Vulnerable Children in operational areas. The program is responsible for reducing conflicts in our homes and tribes settings, discrimination of women, decision making, fighting, torturing of children in society and in our homes. The program is also meant to create a friendly environment for children and women where there rights are respected and have the right to share information like other people in the community.

On the other hand, the program aims at mainstreaming gender in all her work to bridge/reduce the imbalances that exist between men and women in terms of roles, decision making, power relations, access to resources and opportunities. It encourages men and women to participate in her programs as one step of empowering them. In this, HADACE focuses on development and implementation of a gender policy for the organization, capacity building of other community based organization’s with a focus on Gender/conflict related tasks in the Ruwenzori sub region, involvement of the Board, identification and training of gender/conflict focal persons within the organization and staff plus continuous sensitization of staff and beneficiaries to ensure that there are no more conflicts taking place in the communities of the Ruwenzori sub region.

And the major beneficiaries are children, women and other people living within our scope.

Following the situation of the violation of women rights in the rural settings in Uganda HADACE exists to defend and acts as a voice for women rights in our communities.

At HADACE, we believe that women have the capacity to think, lead and implement everything like men or better.

Livelihoods Support.

Provision of sustainable and profitable means of livelihoods, training of Income Generating Activities and financial management, support to Orphans and Vulnerable Children (OVCs’) to attain vocational skills and provision of basic start up tool kits to very and poor beneficiaries in the community.

Environmental Protection and conservation.

Training of Youth Support Groups, formation of Environmental Protection and Conservation Clubs in schools, establishing a tree nursery which acts as a demonstration site and supplies tree seedlings to the community. HADACE will open a tree demonstration garden in 2019 which will be used as a learning centre for tree growers, students and environmentalists.

Reproductive Health.

Behavioral Change through Communication, awareness and sensitization, guidance and counseling, distribution of Information Education and Communication materials, HIV/AIDS Counseling and Testing and community outreaches.


This is a cross-cutting activity in all the programs of HADACE-Uganda as an integrated activity. HADACE-Uganda is supporting 32 orphans and vulnerable children by provision of scholastic materials, school fees and basic materials. We are getting a very big challenge in terms of funding considering the level of poverty resulting from poor agricultural outputs and their low prices in rural areas because of agriculture being the main source of income in rural areas. There are many orphans and vulnerable children (OVCs) that need support but the financial capacity of HADACE-Uganda cannot support beyond the 32 beneficiaries.

HADACE-Uganda mainly targets people in most need such: Orphans, vulnerable children, adolescents, persons with disabilities, women and people living with HIV/AIDS and entire community populace with needs in line with our set programmes.

our work basically targets the different groups by;


Providing healthy personality development acquiring vocational skills and professional development for their sustainability.


Identifying the poor women and providing income generating activities to them through formation of self help groups and adopting family planning & welfare programs relating opportunities in various vocational fields by providing training in the respect fields for sustainability as their own.


Creating opportunities in various vocational fields by providing training in the respect fields for sustainability as their own so that they can look after their children.


Preventing the youth from participating in the antisocial activities. Provide academic as well as carrier guidance to the youth. Provide vocational training to the skilled persons. Fixing the targets to the youth for their future life. Counsel and motivate them to achieve their targets .Up gradation of the skills for the skilled workers with latest technology. Creating the self- employment opportunities. Engaging the youth in the work nature and keep away from the idleness. Creating the youth as a role model to the future generation. Involving them in the welfare activities and implementing the Government policies. Preventing the youth from the drug addiction. Creating awareness for the youth on the chronic diseases like HIV/AIDS etc.

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